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Exam Fee Payments
Made Easy

Getting Started is Easy

Getting started requires only one simple question. Do you already have a SchoolPay Account? If so you can simply login to your account and access the AP Exam Fees Module. Otherwise you will be taken to our Merchant Registration form.

How it Works

1. Register with SchoolPay

  • Enter your entity information: District, School, Non-profit
  • Upload a copy of a voided check
  • SchoolPay creates a merchant account so that funds settle, automatically, to the right account

2. Add your AP Exam Fees

  • For each AP Exam Fee complete a simple form
  • A secure payment link is generated and added to SchoolPay.com, posted to social media and emailed directly as needed.

3. Collect AP Exam Fees

  • People click on your AP Exam Fee links and pay
  • Funds settle automatically to the right bank account

About AP Exam Fees

SchoolPay, the award-winning education payment system, is excited to offer a new version of SchoolPay specifically for the collection of AP Exam fees. These new features coincide with SchoolPay being accepted into the College Board’s AP Exam Fee Collection Providers Program. Existing SchoolPay customers will have access to the new features in their current SchoolPay accounts.

New customers simply go through the registration process to get a version of SchoolPay configured specifically for the collection of AP Exam fees, plus a merchant account. The merchant account allows all payments to settle automatically to the school’s designated bank account. Plus, there is no set-up fee for the AP Exam fee version of SchoolPay and the coordinators have several options on whether the parent or the school will pay the transaction fee.

Exam Fee Pricing

Clear Pricing with Multiple Options

Payments for AP Exam fees are priced at the same rate as all transactions in the SchoolPay service. There is a tier-rate structure based on the size of the payment. AP Coordinators have options for how the transaction fee is paid. The fee can be pushed to parents/payers in the form of a “convenience fee” or the school/district can pay the fee and not pass on a fee to parents.

Tier Structure:

  • Payments less than $15 have a $1 fee
  • Payments from $15 – $49.99 have a $1.95 fee
  • Payments $50 and higher have a 3.99% fee