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All Items for: Field Elementary Lion's Den Registration 2022-2023

At this time, we no longer have space for Full Time/Half Time/Occasional Ext Day. We are filled to capacity.  Thank you.

Registration for Spring 2023 Enrichment Classes are now posted and are scheduled to begin the week of February 13.  These classes are held on Tuesdays OR Thursdays.  (Remember registration for Ext Day is closed as we do not have any available spots.)  Thank you.


If you wish to be on a wait list for any component of Ext Day, you must fill out the REQUIRED Registration Form. Once we are able to receive new registrations, we will contact you.  Thank you.

NOTE:  FOR NEW STUDENTS TO FIELD ELEMENTARY:  If your child is new to this campus, you will have to process all of your schoolpay transactions as a guest.  A window will pop up when you click on an item that will give you the option and you must agree:  I just want to pay anyway.

All Items for: Field Elementary ASP Registration Extended Day 2022-2023

You must do the following on schoolpay:

1.  Click on REQUIRED Registration Form and fill out all required fields.

2.  Purchase the Registration Fee.

3.  Purchase the Extended Day Option for August.  Feel welcomed to purchase all other months.

4.  Purchase the Enrichment Activities, if you wish for your child to attend.

5.  If you are not purchasing any of the Extended Day Options and you wish for your child to attend an Enrichment Class, you MUST purchase Bridge for the day the Enrichment Class/Specialty Class is scheduled.  Bridge provides Ext Day from 2:50-3:45.  Class ends at 4:45, and you are to promptly pick up your child by 4:45.  


Welcome back - Spring 2023! (Registration ONLY for Enrichment Classes)

Registration for Spring Enrichment Classes offered by HISD Approved Vendors and school staff will be posted during the week of January 30 for classes to begin the week of February 13.  These classes will be held on Tuesdays-Thursdays until the week of May 15.


You will be notified if class is cancelled by February 8, at which time you may choose another available class.  These classes will be held on Tuesdays-Thursdays from February 13-May 19 8 from 3:45-4:45.  If your child is NOT registered in any portion of Ext Day, you MUST purchase the Bridge for the day the Class is offered. This will provide services from 2:50-3:45 in our Lion's Den Program.  The cost listed for Bridge is for the duration of the class.  By purchasing Bridge for the day the class is offered, there will be no need for you to pick up your child at 2:50 and bring her/him back to school. (HISD snack is provided.) Note the items you must purchase on schoolpay if you've not registered in Lion's Den:

1.  REQUIRED Registration Form.

2.  Registration Fee

3.  Bridge

4.  Enrichment/Specialty Class

The Add/Drop deadline for HISD Vendor Classes is Friday, February 24.  You have up to Feb. 24 to drop a class. If you do drop a class we will prorate the cost of the class for the # of days your child will have attended.  If you do not drop a class after February 24, the Vendor will charge for the entire semester.  There are no refunds or prorations after February 24.  Thank you.



NOTE:  As you navigate through schoolpay, you are required to enter all items you see on the Registration Packet which is posted on the school Webpage.  We are not accepting hard copies.

To visit the school webpage:

If you have questions on how to navigate through schoolpay, there is a help button on the top right. Schoolpay staff are wonderful and are ready to assist you.

For new students to Field Elementary:   You might not find your child's name on the drop down menu.  Your child's name will appear after the 1st day of school when he/she attends school.  Thus, if you do not find your child's name you are to register as a guest. You will be prompted to enter your child's name, please be sure to enter his/her name.  

Finally, welcome to Field Elementary Lion's Den.  Much work is put into providing a safe program with lots of fun activities.  We appreciate your participation.  If you have any ideas for fun classes, please feel free to email us at:   Our best source for ideas on fun classes are your children.  They know best! 

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