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Donation to Shrewsbury Public Schools Colonial Fund
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The Colonial Fund exists to fund high impact innovations within our schools that would not otherwise be feasible.  These projects or opportunities often come up outside of our annual budget cycle or they are too costly to offer without sacrificing existing programs or staff. 

The Colonial Fund enables us to bring these innovations to our schools now.  Acting with such expediency helps
ensure Shrewsbury schools are providing the high quality education that will prepare our students to succeed in colleges and careers of the 21st century. 

Why give?

Education is everyone’s business.  The Colonial Fund is a giving opportunity for everyone who values the quality of education in Shrewsbury and wants to help bring new ideas to our classrooms, whether you are a proud parent, graduate, business owner or resident.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Shrewsbury Public Schools Colonial Fund.

**Gifts of $5,000 or more require School Committee approval per their policy.  Please contact our office at 508-841-8400 if you wish to make a gift of this amount or greater.

Payment to: Shrewsbury Public Schools


The amount must be between $1.00 and $4999.00.

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