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F19-Blue Lotus: Meditation 3 Ways
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Blue Lotus: Meditation Three Ways

Kathleen Krivak

Meditation practice has been shown to have many positive physical and mental benefits.  In this class, we will explore three types of meditation practices:  Mindfulness, Metta, and Chakra. Each type of meditation uses a different technique for focus: the breath is a focus in Mindfulness, a mantra is used in Metta and visualization is the tool in Chakra meditation. We will start with Mindfulness meditation, which teaches us to be unconditionally present to whatever is happening around and within us. For the next two weeks, we will practice Metta meditation, the cultivation of benevolence or “loving kindness” to ourselves and others. The following two weeks will be an exploration of Chakra meditation, using visualization and turning our attention to our Chakras, the large energy centers in our bodies that govern physical and emotional health. All of these practices bring calm and clarity as well as deep healing on physical and emotional levels.  In the last class, we will compare the different practices and do our final meditation according to the suggestion of the students. Limited to 12.

Dates: 7 Wednesdays, October 16-December 4 (no class 11/27)                            

Time: 7:15-8:15PM

@Blue Lotus Healing Arts, 945 Great Plain Ave.                                  Fee: $129

Payment to: Needham Community Education
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