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Parking Decal
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The cost of a parking decal is $60.00.


Students wishing to purchase a parking decal for 2021-2022 must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.0 or higher and must not have excessive absences or tardies, and must not have a discipline incident of level three or higher.  You must pay through school pay and then, forty-eight hours later, bring your completed application (available on our website or follow the link below),  a copy of your driver license, registration, and proof of insurance card to Mr. Furo in room 612 to receive you parking decal.  Your parking privileges can be suspended or revoked if your GPA goes below 2.0, you accumulate excessive absences or tardies, or if you have a discipline referral that results in a classification of 3 or higher, and your parking fee will not be refunded.



Payment to: Wekiva High
Item Amount: $60.00
+ Additional Fees:
Convenience Fee $1.48
Item Total $61.48

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