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Parking Decals 2018-19
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2018-19 BTHS Parking Permits


Cost $75.00

Print Receipt - Use the Schoolpay PRINT button at end of transaction. Receipt should show all vehicle information.

2018-19 Student Parking Rules and Regulations

The following guidelines exist to help ensure the safest and most efficient use of our limited parking facilities. This is not an all-inclusive list; the administration reserves the right to revoke a student’s parking decal for disciplinary reasons.  Parking privileges are reviewed at the end of each grading period.

Driving to school is a privilege, not a right.  (Buses are available for all students.)

  1. Must be a junior or senior with a valid Florida operator’s driver license issued before October 2018.
  2. Register on-line at www-bths.stjohns.k12.fl.us, click on “Parking” follow “School Pay” prompts. Rising Seniors register first: (Starting Feb. 13th). Rising Juniors register second: (Starting Feb.27th) *All receipts are dated. If a Junior registers before February 27th your application will not be accepted and you will not receive a refund. Parking is limited, the website will not accept registration once we reach capacity.
  3.  Print your receipt. Your receipt should contain the following information: (Name, grade in 2018- 19, parents name, vehicle, color, plate number, driver license number, insurance company, policy number and “yes” I have read the rules and regulations form, etc.) It will also have your order number, date, time and transaction total.
  4. Turn in this completed form and your receipt during your lunch in the main cafeteria on the designated dates below. Students should have received this form in their English class, and it is also available in the Guidance and Attendance Offices or here for download. Seniors: March 5th-March 9th Juniors: March 12th-16th

5) Pick up your hanging parking tag during back-to-school orientation. Lists of names and parking spots will be posted all around campus so you can locate your newly assigned spot.  

6. In order to purchase a parking decal for the 2018-19 school year a student     must:

A.) Have received no out-of-school suspensions during the previous nine-week grading period (if you are suspended for any reason during the school year, you may lose your parking decal)

B.) Maintain a good attendance record.

C.) Settle outstanding fines and meet student parking guidelines from the previous school year.    

7.  If in an emergency you must drive a different vehicle, please display your parking decal       in the new vehicle and notify Mr. Peaver.

8. The parking decal for all paved parking spaces will have a number on it that coincides with your parking space number. Display it from your rearview mirror with the number facing out at all times. All other lots will have the lot number displayed and you can park in any available space. 

9. If someone is parked in your space, do not park in someone else’s space.  Park on the grass near the front circle (next to the mailbox) and sign the red book located at the attendance desk explaining your situation.

10. Any vehicle that does not have a current BTHS parking decal or is parked in the wrong parking space will be subject to being immobilized (a parking boot will be placed on the tire), and your vehicle will also be subject to search. If your vehicle is immobilized, the cost to have the boot removed is $25 and will result in loss of driving privileges for the following nine weeks.  BTHS is not responsible for any inconvenience resulting from obtaining the payment for fines or for removal of the boot.

11. There are no temporary parking passes (e.g., “I missed the bus,” “I have a doctor’s appointment”, etc.)  Invoking the term “emergency” will not be accepted as an excuse.

12. Students are responsible for their vehicle and its contents.  All vehicles are subject to search. 

13. The parking areas are off limits to all students during the day.  If you are in the parking lot for any reason (getting books, getting your lunch, bringing something out to your car, etc.), your car will be searched, and you will lose your parking decal for nine weeks.

14. Any student observed passing illegally, driving on the grass, bypassing traffic cones, not yielding to the buses or any other type of careless driving will lose their parking decal.

15. If you obtain a new vehicle or a new license plate, you must report the change immediately so that your record can be updated.  (See Mr. Peaver)

       16. The following is a list of infractions and the consequence: (not all inclusive)                  

                    *Failure to pay any parking ticket or fine within 5 days of receiving it

        *Leaving campus without permission         

        *Speeding or reckless driving.  Leaving the scene of an accident

        *All Level 4 offenses

        *Selling/giving/or buying/receiving hanging tag

        *15 days of unexcused absence       

        *Driving someone who is skipping off campus 

        *Skipping 1st period one time or 5 tardies to first period

1st infraction will result in revocation of driving privilege for 10 school days

2nd infraction = 20 sch days  3rd infraction = 45 sch days   4th = remainder of year

Thank you for your cooperation in making BTHS a safer place for all our students.  




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