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AA Roosevelt MS - Roosevelt Activity Day (RAD) 2018
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Roosevelt Activity Day (RAD) is Roosevelt's BIG fall fundraiser and this year it is October 26.  This year’s RAD fundraising is focused specifically on increasing staffing for House.  House has an amazing history of being the backbone of Roosevelt for more than 30 years. Through House, students feel a part of a smaller community and establish strong connections with their House Advisor and housemates. The role of the House Advisor is to advocate for and mentor your child for 3 years at Roosevelt. In addition, they are the communication conduit between school and home. In order to support your child and give the House program more resources, we need to raise money for more staffing.  The more teachers we have, the smaller class and House sizes will be across the school.

This year’s RAD activity will have students participating in community building House activities with the goal of having a fun competition between Houses and building trust and community. You can be part of RAD this year and help ensure the success of every child at Roosevelt by donating. Your support is crucial to our efforts to add more House Advisors at Roosevelt.

We would greatly appreciate a donation of ANY amount to help us reach our year long fundraising goal of $100,000. This goal breaks down to $159 per student.  Some families can not give, some families can give more. Please contribute as much as you are able.

Thank you!

Payment to: Eugene School District 4J


The minimum amount is $1.00.

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