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WS21-Stop the Mulch-Scaping (spring session)
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Stop Mulch-Scaping and Start Landscaping!  

Joanne Neale 

At some unknown point in time, mulch-- black, orange, brown, etc.-- became a part of the landscape, but wouldn't you rather have plants? Anywhere you can put mulch, you can dig a hole and put in a groundcover plant. Groundcover plants = living mulches. Think of the money, time and work you'll save on mulching every spring. And groundcovers are the go-to plant for low-maintenance gardens. Besides eliminating the need for mulch, they keep weeds from crowding in; they provide an extra layer of color and flowers; and they help maintain soil moisture, which means less watering. What's not to like about that? Come learn what to do before you start replacing your boring old mulch with fabulous new groundcovers and find out which groundcovers are right for your garden. Limited to 20.   


Spring Session

Date: Thursday, March 25                                                                      

Time: 7:00-8:00PM 

Fee: $19


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